Baby Brain to the rescue!

Peace of mind for parents

Baby Brain easily tracks feedings, diapers & sleep!

You know that keeping logs will help. The hospital sends you home with a binder. Pediatricians ask about diapers, number of feedings, etc. You’re tired and wish you could remember!

Logs are Key for Newborns

 A Breastfeeding Timer that runs while you check email or the web!

Which side did I feed on last? Is he eating enough? Producing regular diapers? How much sleep is she getting each day? What are the best nap times? The answers to these questions are key. Sure, you might remember on your own. But with no sleep? Forget it.

Logs help identify the best sleep times, so everyone gets more rest. Tracking will ease your stress and give you much needed peace of mind.

Pediatrician Recommended

“Amazing! I definitely recommend Baby Brain to my patients. As a pediatrician, I believe it is important for parents to keep track of daily information regarding the baby’s feeding, diapers and sleeping schedules, especially for the first few weeks of life. Baby Brain makes it incredibly easy to do just that. Also, it allows parents to analyze and share this information with their doctor and other caretakers as well. As a mom, I know how crazy your life becomes once you have children, and Baby Brain keeps you on track!”

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